Arc Salt Collection Blue Slammin Ejuice


Blue Slammin Ejuice by Arc Salt features a playful sweet-shoppe favorite: blue raspberry! Delight your taste buds with this fresh and flavorful eliquid, bursting with sugary sweetness and ripe fruit flavor in every cloud! Lose yourself in a cloud of delicious flavor with every puff, thanks to this sugary blue raspberry eliquid! Brand: Arc Salt / Bottle Size: 30ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Arc Salt Collection Blue Slammin Ejuice Description Tantalize your taste buds with the fresh and sweet flavor of candied blue raspberries, freshly picked for your vaping enjoyment! We started out with sun-kissed red raspberries, ripened to a delicious soft red. These berries were soft and sweet and packed with fruity goodness. Once our berry buckets were full, we made our way home. Our buckets were emptied into a large pot, where these berries were crushed to a rich and flavorful red raspberry jam. But we decided there was something missing. So we dumped in a heaping handful of magic blue candy powder, infusing the berries with a delicious blue sweetness! The candied flavor of the blue raspberries was just the thing to transform this good eliquid into a great one! Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with something thats just a bit fruit and just a bit candy! Never mind running down to the corner store to satisfy your fruit cravings. Blue Raspberry Ejuice by Arc Salt features a riveting punch of candied goodness that your taste buds will love! Grab your bottle today and surround your taste buds with the sweet and yummy flavor of candied blue raspberries in every cloud!