Arc Salt Collection Peach Ice Ejuice


Peach Ice Ejuice by Arc Salt features an icy rendition of soft and sweet summer peaches! Georgias favorite fruit got an upgrade into a frozen fruit, now blasted with winters icy breath. Treat your taste buds to the frosty sweetness of snow-soaked peaches and enjoy a cooling cloud of fruit and menthol! Brand: Arc Salt / Bottle Size: 30ml / Nicotine: 25mg/45mg / Flavor Type: Menthol, Nicotine Salt Arc Salt Collection Peach Ice Ejuice Description Enjoy a breath of fresh and icy air, swirled with Georgias finest peaches and a chilly blast of cooling menthol. Take a journey with us through a frozen orchard, where the biting winter frost has settled onto a field of peach trees. Reach out and pluck an icy fruit from the branch, and your fingertips will be rewarded with a shock of cold snow that falls from the trees. But that icy peach has your taste buds watering, and you think it might be worth the risk to sample that frozen fruit. The first bite of the chilly peach makes your teeth chatter and your taste buds freeze, but the underlying fruit flavor makes it all worth it! Sweet and juicy peach flavor lies just beneath and icy cold exterior, making this frosty peach eliquid one of the most beloved menthol flavors around! Feast on a frozen fruit that was once the pride of the south, yet now is the prize of the South Pole! Icy peaches abound in your every cloud, freezing your taste buds and delighting your nostrils with icy fruit flavor. Take a trip through the frozen peach orchards and sample the frosty fruit of the snow-covered trees, thanks to Peach Ice Ejuice by Arc Salt!