Arc Salt Collection Sweet Mint Ejuice


Sweet Mint Ejuice by Arc Salt delivers a minty fresh blast of cold sweetness to your lips. Enjoy a calming peppermint eliquid that refreshes your taste buds and delights your nostrils with icy goodness. Fresh and minty clouds surround you in a swirling whirlwind, ready to soothe your cravings for something icy and sweet! Brand: Arc Salt / Bottle Size: 30ml / Flavor Type: Menthol, Nicotine Salt Arc Salt Collection Sweet Mint Ejuice Description There are many menthol flavors out there that offer a sharp and biting iciness, quick to freeze your palate and chill your taste buds. Sometimes the menthol is overpowering and you wrinkle your nose in disgust and the bottle sits there indefinitely, never again to be used. Thankfully, this minty eliquid offers a soothing sweet menthol kick that gently caresses your taste buds with the kiss of winter. Imagine a field of mint leaves, soft and sweet, ready to be plucked. A freshly fallen snowfall sits prettily on every leaf, adding a pure white dusting on every green leaf. Its a pretty picture straight of a Currier & Ives photograph that presents a subtle sweetness underneath every gentle kiss of winter.This eliquid gives a smooth and gentle hit of menthol, not too sharp that it whips your taste buds like a frigid blast of arctic air. But its also not too subtle that you cant taste the menthol at all. Consider it the Goldilocks of menthol flavors, gently cooling and slightly sweet. Enjoy a refreshing hit of menthol that keeps your taste buds on their toes, thanks to a pure and clean hit of sweet mint leaves wrapped in the freshly fallen snow of winter.