Bad Drip Labs Farleys Gnarly Sauce Iced Out Ejuice


Farleys Gnarly Sauce Iced Out by Bad Drip Labs is a frosty blend of icy strawberries and cold kiwis wrapped up in a chewy square of frozen bubblegum! Freeze your taste buds with a chilly concoction of fruits, menthols, and sweets all in a single cloud! Not a fan of menthol? Try our non-menthol version here! Brand: Bad Drip Labs / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Menthol, Sweets Bad Drip Labs Farleys Gnarly Sauce Iced Out Ejuice Description Were not quite sure who the hell Farley is, but he makes a gnarly eliquid that your vape taste buds will fall in love with! Not only is this eliquid full of fresh fruit and chewy bubble gum flavor, but it offers the cooling kiss of winter in every puff, thanks to the addition of menthol! We start out with fruits famous duo, frosty strawberry and icy kiwis. The strawberries are coated with a thin sheet of winter frost, infusing each berry with the icy touch of winter. The furry brown kiwis are also covered with a layer of snow, making the fruits look like mini abominable snowmen waiting to launch themselves at your taste buds. These sweet fruits refuse to relinquish their frosty flavor, no matter how long they are left to thaw. So we utilized that icy flavor to deliver a refreshing blast of frest fruit and chilly winter goodness to your vape tank! These frosty fruits get tossed into a vat of snowy bubblegum, complete with icicles dangling from the sides. The freshly frozen fruit and the frosty bubblegum took ages to finally bond together, but the resulting flavor was one youll truly be amazed with! Feast on the refreshing flavor of frozen kiwis, icy strawberry, and arctic chewing gum in a single cloud! Be sure to thank Farley if you ever do bump into him, whoever and wherever he is!