Bad Drip Labs Ugly Butter Ejuice


Ugly Butter Ejuice by Bad Drip Labs presents an eliquid blend of sweet carnival deliciousness that has been pressed into eliquid form jam-packed with flavor. A magically light and fluffy dough flavored blend, this one may be the one you fall for. Brand: Bad Drip Labs / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Dessert Bad Drip Labs Ugly Butter Ejuice Description Ugly Butter features the dessert with the face only a blind mother could love. Hot and lumpy sweet dough that has been fried to golden perfection, complete with a tender dusting of confectioners powdered sugar. In a desperate attempt to attract more carnival goers to visit this deformed delicacy, management threw in a dollop of southern banana pudding, oozing with golden ripe bananas, creamy vanilla custard, and light whipped cream. This ghastly duo attracts quite the crowd of curious onlookers, so step right up, step right in, and fill your tank with this carnival craziness. Your clouds will be considerably more attractive, but the flavor will blow you away and youll fit right in with the freaks of the Vapor Cloud SideShow! This eliquid masterfully crafts warm and sticky sweet dough with soft golden bananas to create one wickedly yummy flavor! Let this flavor smoothly transport you to a powdered sugar paradise where soft and warm dough and ripe banana collide! Were sure youll enjoy this golden fried dough and perfectly whipped banana pudding, ugly and all.