Bams Cannoli 4 Pack Bundle Ejuice


Bams Cannoli 4 Pack Bundle delivers four delicious dessert eliquids, featuring a buttery cannoli shell stuffed with crunchy square corn cereal, birthday cake, sweet key lime filling, and classic strawberry creme! Take your vape taste buds on a tour of Italy and lose yourself in the delicious scents of cannoli-scented clouds for days! Brand: Bams Cannoli / Bottle Size: 400mL (4x100ml) / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert Bams Cannoli 4 Pack Bundle Ejuice Description First up, we have Birthday Cannoli. This delightful eliquid features a freshly baked birthday cake, crafted from pure cane sugar, warm Tahitian vanilla, and sweet butter. These ingredients come together to form a thick batter that completely covers a baking pan, ready to bake to a delicious golden brown! once this culinary masterpiece is complete, it gets whisked out of the oven to cool. Once its fully cool, a rich and smooth vanilla icing thoroughly coats the cake for a creamy texture that is so highly sought after in the eliquid realm! As a finishing touch, a handful of sprinkles are tossed on top for a colorful rainbow effect that will have you smiling with every puff. A thick wedge of this delicious un-birthday cake is cut from the cake and ruthlessly stuffed inside a crunchy cannoli shell to create a unique dessert that tops any other sweet treat youve tried! Next, we have Captain Cannoli. Set sail for an island of delicious breakfast flavor, featuring a crunchatizing flavor that many of us enjoyed in our childhood and now in eliquid form! This sweet and crunchy corn cereal flavor is perfectly emulated in this eliquid and comes with a unique Italian twist! A heaping bowlful of this cereal favorite is poured into a batch of rich and creamy vanilla creme, adding a powerful kick of crunchy sweetness. This thick vanilla and cereal-stuffed creme is gently piped into a freshly baked cannoli shell. Next, the vanilla poking out of the cannoli ends are coated with the Captains favorite cereal and topped with a dollop of whipped cream! Thirdly, we have Original Cannoli. Barrels of ripe key limes were shipped out from Florida, gleaming a bright green under the hot summer sun. These fresh limes were furiously zested until a neat pile of green lime shavings and freshly-squeezed lime juice were ready to be added to a creamy cannoli filling! This zesty key lime filling is stuffed into a crunchy cannoli shell until it oozes out of both sides. The filling on either end gets dipped into a bowl of rainbow pebbled cereal for a satisfying crunchy sweetness that brings you back to the Stone Age of dinosaurs and cavemen! As a finishing touch, a hefty dollop of freshly whipped sweet cream gets plopped on top for a smooth and flavorful breakfast treat your vape taste buds will go wild for! And finally, we have Strawberry Cannoli. Mounds of wild strawberries are harvested at the peak of freshness in the heat of the summer sun. Then they get sliced and crushed to a flavorful strawberry compote, bursting with sunkissed sweetness. This delicious compote is added to a creamy cannoli filling, turning it pink and infusing it with precious strawberry goodness. This luscious filling is stuffed into a freshly baked cannoli shell, offering both buttery smoothness and satisfying crunchiness! The entire dessert gets a dollop of whipped cream and is dusted with fluffy powdered sugar for a light and airy finish!