BANTAM Citrus Bliss Ejuice


About BANTAM Citrus Bliss Ejuice Shall we compare this taste to a summer??????s day? If you??????re looking for a flavor that combines natural sweetness with the sharp, refreshing tang of citrus, look no further than Bantam??????s Citrus Bliss vape juice. Perfect for long, lazy summer days, or accompanying your morning shot of espresso on a crisp dewy spring morning. The sweetly sharp taste of citrus bliss is like the taste of sunshine; perfectly balancing the flavors of freshly picked oranges with zesty lemons and sweetly tart grapefruit for a taste sensation that you??????ll never forget. A refreshing and subtly sweet vaping experience that??????s great for all seasons. If you??????re a lover of all things citrus, this is a flavor that you really won??????t want to miss. BANTAM Citrus Bliss Ejuice Details Brand: BANTAM Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: MAX VG Flavor: Fruit Bantam are leaders in the field of flavored vape juices. Using techniques honed from decades of flavor design and 100% traceable raw materials, you can vape with peace of mind knowing that you??????re getting the best.