BANTAM Citrus Myst Fizz Ejuice


About BANTAM Citrus Myst Fizz Ejuice Sometimes you just need a crisp burst of subtly sweet citrus-y soda goodness????? But you just aren??????t within easy reach of a soda fountain. Fear not! With Bantam??????s Citrus Myst Fizz you can take the crisp, refreshing taste of fresh seltzer around with you, wherever you go. Citrus Myst Fizz combines the zingy, zesty taste of fresh lemon and lime with the familiar fizz of the finest cream soda. The perfect vape sensation for those in need of instant refreshment????? and you can enjoy the taste as often as you want without needing to go and refill your glass. Treat yourself to a time honored and elegant taste sensation that??????ll bring you refreshment, rejuvenation and that sweet citrus zing all day long! BANTAM Citrus Myst Fizz Ejuice Details Brand: BANTAM Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: MAX VG Flavor: Fruit Bantam are leaders in the field of flavored vape juices. Using techniques honed from decades of flavor design and 100% traceable raw materials, you can vape with peace of mind knowing that you??????re getting the best.