BANTAM Grape Ice Ejuice


About BANTAM Grape Ice Ejuice Since the days of ancient Greece and Rome, chilled grapes have been a popular way for wealthy sophisticates to relax and unwind while enjoying that incomparable crisp, sweet and subtly sharp taste. In the 21st century, however, grapes on ice are far more readily available????? but that doesn??????t mean that you can just snack on super cool iced grapes whenever you like (have you tried keeping blocks of ice in your pocket). But with the crisp, refreshing taste of Grape Ice vape juice by Bantam, you can enjoy that unmistakable cool, sweet taste wherever you go all day long. With the subtle tangy flavors of carefully selected grapes combines with the crisp invigorating texture of fresh ice it??????s the perfect taste sensation to wake up your mouth and let your senses come alive. BANTAM Grape Ice Ejuice Details Brand: BANTAM Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: MAX VG Flavor: Fruit, Menthol Bantam are leaders in the field of flavored vape juices. Using techniques honed from decades of flavor design and 100% traceable raw materials, you can vape with peace of mind knowing that you??????re getting the best.