Basix Nic Salt Butterscotch Reserve Ejuice


Butterscotch Reserve Ejuice by Glas Basix Nic Salts features delicious butterscotch wrapped around the satisfying taste of tobacco. On the inhale you get the rich soothing taste of good tobacco. Then on the exhale, the smooth taste of perfectly blended caramel and butterscotch sweetens the palate for an overall great experience. Brand: Glas Basix Nic Salts / Bottle Size: 30ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Basix Nic Salt Butterscotch Reserve Ejuice Description Many of our vapers crave the rich and satisfying flavor of bold earthy tobacco. Yet not many brands have been able to create a smooth and flavorful eliquid to emulate it. Glas Basix has stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with this unique eliquid, flavored with smooth and full-bodied tobacco, along with notes of melted caramel and silky butterscotch. Thousands of rich tobacco leaves were harvested from the tobacco farms of Virginia, ripened to a deep full-bodied flavor in the heat of the summer sun. These leaves get tamped down and ground into a fine powder, sending off an earthy scent with every spoonful. Next, hundreds of soft caramels are melted into liquid form, smooth and buttery and full of sweetness. A thick and creamy butterscotch sauce was swirled into the melted caramel, enhancing the sweetness with a rich and dark flavor of brown sugar and sweet butter. This delicious caramel-butterscotch was swirled into the finely ground tobacco, infusing the tobacco with sweet and buttery notes of delicious sticky goodness. The tobacco and butterscotch mixture was slowly and meticulously strained into a pure liquid and bottled up for your vaping enjoyment, right here in this 60mL bottle! Enjoy the smooth flavor of tobacco blended with sweet and silky butterscotch, compliments of Butterscotch Reserve Ejuice by Basix Nic Salt!