Basix Nic Salt Cool Melon Ejuice


Cool Melon Ejuice by Glas Basix Nic Salts is a mix of cubed honeydew with slices of cantaloupe that make for a satisfyingly juicy taste. This cantaloupe and honeydew vape juice brings a breakfast fruit classic that is perfect for any time of day. Enjoy this relaxing menthol e-juice. Brand: Glas Basix Nic Salts / Bottle Size: 30ml / Flavor Type: Fruit Basix Nic Salt Cool Melon Ejuice Description Enjoy the smooth and refreshing flavor of sweet summer melons, now in nic-salt form! Firm globes of honeydew melons gleam in the summer sun, the soft green hue of the melon rinds fiercely guarding the lush green fruit within. Nearby in the same melon patch, we have rough cantaloupe melons, their innocent and plain pale rind covering a deeply flavorful pale orange flesh within. Both of these melons are harvested at the peak of fall freshness, the entire flavor of summer stuffed in every chunk. On the inhale, you get the smooth and refreshing flavor of sweet honeydew melons, scooped out in perfectly round spheres and glistening with sweet green juice. On the exhale, bold and rich cantaloupe flavor is wonderfully present, as sweet and juicy as if you had the melon chunks right in front of you! Feast on the clean and sweet flavor of freshly sliced summer melons, ripened to a juicy sweetness and presented to you in eliquid form! If youre searching for that refreshing summer melon flavor but just havent been able to find it, check out Cool Melon Ejuice by Basix Nic Salts. Your taste buds wont be able to get enough of the freshly sphered honeydew melon balls and juicy sweet cantaloupe slices in every cloud!