Basix Nic Salt Crunch Berry Ejuice


Crunch Berry Ejuice by Glas Basix Nic Salts delivers a freshly poured bowl of cereal, shaped into colorful spheres and sweetened with your favorites berries. Add a splash of cold creamy milk and youll be in cereal vape juice heaven! Treat your taste buds to the sweet flavor of crunchy fruit cereal and milk, perfect for your morning wake and vape sessions! Brand: Glas Basix Nic Salts / Bottle Size: 30ml / Flavor Type: Sweets Basix Nic Salt Crunch Berry Ejuice Description Grab your spoon and dive headfirst into a cloud of sweet and crunchy cereal, shaped into smooth spheres and flavored with your favorite mix of wild berries! Legend has it that theres a special forest of cereal, where berry-flavored cereal sits on loaded bushes and waits for a gust of wind to shake them off their branches! Nearby, a river of smooth and creamy milk flows in a winding path through the crunch berry patches. All you need is a deep bowl and a sturdy spoon and youre ready to dive in a sweet and crunchy cloud of cereal deliciousness! If youve been searching for that milky sweet flavor that tickles your taste buds with creamy clouds, look no further! Enjoy a premium cloud of vapor scented with crunchy cereal, sweetened with sultry raspberries, soft blueberries, and plump blueberries. Each crunch berry brings a delightful sweetness on the inhale, while a smooth and creamy milk flavor dances on your tongue on the exhale. Crunch Berry Ejuice makes for an excellent breakfast vape that will soon turn into your all-day vape! Wake and vape sessions, look out! Crunch Berry Ejuice by Glas Basix Nic Salts is here to stay!