Beetle Juice Vapors 4 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Beetle Juice Vapors 4 Pack Bundle features the deal of a lifetime, offering warm and freshly baked desserts, ripe and juicy fruits, and sugary chewy candy all in one bundle! Take advantage of this sweet deal and puff on sweets, desserts, and fruits for as long as your vape taste buds desire! In true Beetlejuice fashion, “Lets turn on the juice and see what shakes loose!” Brand: Beetle Juice Vapors / Bottle Size: 400mL (4x100mL) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert, Sweets, & Fruit Beetle Juice Vapors 4 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description First up, we have Blueberry Hills. Feast on a warm and buttery blueberry strudel, freshly baked and ready to be devoured by your hungry vape taste buds! Large bushels of freshly picked wild blueberries are simmered on low heat and mixed with sugar to create a lush and flavorful blueberry jam! This decadent blueberry jam is tenderly layered over a sheet of puff pastry and dusted with fluffy powdered sugar! Then the ends of the puff pastry are pinched shut and glazed with an egg wash. The sweet dessert is then whisked into the oven, where it slowly bakes to a deep golden brown. The pastry is then carefully removed from the heat and sliced into miniature squares, perfect for poppable bites of fun! Next, we have Riddler. We had to gather as many wild berries as we could, starting with the sunkissed strawberries in the poppy fields, to sultry blackberries hidden in the dark forest. Lush raspberries nestled shyly in backyard brambles also join in on the fun, and finally, plump blueberries gathered in the heat of the summer sun complete our mixed berry mix. And yet, something is missing from this fruit-flavored eliquid…juicy pears! These soft and grainy pears offer juicy refreshment that you can almost feel dribble down your chin in sticky sweet rivers of pear juice. Last but certainly not least in our fruit cornucopia, we have tangy green apples, picked in the cooling breeze of Octobers fall season. These crisp and tart apples offer a sweet and refreshing kick of flavor with the slightest hint of sourness mingled in to balance out the sweet! Third, we have Rio. Sweet sunkissed strawberries offer the paradisaical flavor of summer in every bite and deliver the juicy flavor of berry bliss in every cloud. Next, we have tart and tangy pineapple. Gleaned from a tropical island, these sharp and piny fruits are stripped of their prickly skins and hacked into thick slices, perfect for chowing down into sweet and tangy flavor. And finally, we have fat and juicy watermelons! These summer favorites offer a welcome wave of refreshment, cold and juicy in every slice. These fat melons were carefully removed from an overgrown melon patch and sliced in half to reveal a dark and juicy red flesh that so easily quenches your thirst for something cold and sweet And lastly, we have Southern Orchard. As the name suggests, this flavor features sweet and juicy Georgia peaches swirled into a chewy gummy candy! Heaping barrels of this fresh fruit were gathered from the lush Southern orchards, each fruit giving off the warm and comforting scent of the summer sun. These lush fruits were carefully peeled and pitted, ensuring nothing was wasted! Next, the peeled peaches were smashed into a thick and sweet peach compote, ready to be added to a vat of sticky chewy candy! The peach juice and sticky candy slowly blended together to form a thick gummy candy that gets poured into ring-shaped molds and set to cool overnight. Finally, each peach ring gets rolled in a mound of pure cane sugar, ensuring each gummy candy is thoroughly coated in delicious sweetness!