Beetle Juice Vapors Blueberry Hills Ejuice


Blueberry Hills Ejuice by Beetle Juice Vapors is a delicious dessert-flavored eliquid. Featuring a warm, crispy, golden brown strudel filed with a delicious blueberry jam, this vape juice will have you reaching for more all day long. Satisfy your cravings for something sweet and freshly baked with this warm and decadent blueberry jam-stuffed strudel! Beetle Juice Vapors Blueberry Hills Ejuice Description Feast on a warm and buttery blueberry strudel, freshly baked and ready to be devoured by your hungry vape taste buds! Large bushels of freshly picked wild blueberries are simmered on low heat and mixed with sugar to create a lush and flavorful blueberry jam! This decadent blueberry jam is tenderly layered over a sheet of puff pastry and dusted with fluffy powdered sugar! Then the ends of the puff pastry are pinched shut and glazed with an egg wash. The sweet dessert is then whisked into the oven, where it slowly bakes to a deep golden brown. The pastry is then carefully removed from the heat and sliced into miniature squares, perfect for poppable bites of fun! Each mini pastry gets a dollop of whipped cream and is paired next to a tall glass of milk, ready to wash over your vape taste buds with a thick and creamy cloud of flavor! Satisfy your cravings for something sweet with this warm and satisfying dessert eliquid. Feast on a freshly baked strudel stuffed with blueberry jam, compliments of Blueberry Hills by Beetle Juice, and in true Beetlejuice fashion, “Lets turn on the juice and see what shakes loose!” Beetle Juice Vapors Blueberry Hills Ejuice Information Brand: Beetle Juice Vapors Type: eJuice Bottle Size: 100ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit, Dessert About Beetle Juice Vapors Beetle Juice is a vape juice company that is focused on creating classic flavors that conjure up memories from your childhood. Whether its your old favorite sweet treat or your favorite cereal, Beetle Juice Vapors has it. This companys e-liquids are some of the finest in the world. Beetle Juice was founded in 2013 and has quickly become the go-to brand for many vapers. The company uses the choicest ingredient to make its e-liquids according to high standards. It is no surprise that Beetle Juice has won multiple awards, and highly rated by a lot of vapers. Some of the most popular e-liquids from Beetle Juice are Riddler, Rio, Blueberry Hills and Southern Orchard flavors.