Beetle Juice Vapors Rio Ejuice


Rio Ejuice by Beetle Juice Vapors is a refreshing cloud infusion of sunkissed strawberries, tart and tangy pineapples, and refreshing summer watermelons that will have you thinking youre in a tropical paradise. Enjoy a fresh and flavorful fruit cloud that brings lush flavor straight to your vape tank in the blink of an eye! Brand: Beetle Juice Vapors / Bottle Size: 100ml / VG/PG: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Beetle Juice Vapors Rio Ejuice Description Sail down a river of fruit-flavored goodness, as you puff on a triple whammy of fresh fruit juice, featuring favorites like ruby red summer strawberries, exotic and tropical pineapples, and lush juicy watermelons! These three fruits come together in an intoxicating fruit eliquid that will have your vape taste buds screaming for more! First up, we have beautiful sunkissed strawberries, gleaming red in the summer sun. These sweet berries offer the paradisaical flavor of summer in every bite and deliver the juicy flavor of berry bliss in every cloud. Next, we have tart and tangy pineapple. Gleaned from a tropical island, these sharp and piny fruits are stripped of their prickly skins and hacked into thick slices, perfect for chowing down into sweet and tangy flavor. And finally, we have fat and juicy watermelons! These summer favorites offer a welcome wave of refreshment, cold and juicy in every slice. These fat melons were carefully removed from an overgrown melon patch and sliced in half to reveal a dark and juicy red flesh that so easily quenches your thirst for something cold and sweet. Each of these fruits come together to deliver a powerful wave of fruit flavor that makes the Rio Ejuice by Beetle Juice Vapors. Enjoy a delicious rush of fruit-scented clouds, and in true Beetlejuice fashion, “Lets turn on the juice and see what shakes loose!”