Big Bottle Co. Good Ol Custard Ejuice


Good Ol Custard Ejuice by Big Bottle Co. features a rich and creamy flavor of freshly whipped vanilla custard! Flavored with freshly exported Tahitian vanilla beans and farm fresh cream, this sweet dessert has been whipped into a hefty 120mL bottle, perfect for your vanilla sweet tooth cravings! Brand: Big Bottle Co. / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 85/15 / Flavor Type: Dessert Big Bottle Co. Good Ol Custard Ejuice Description Save your spoon for this deliciously cream eliquid that keeps your sweet tooth cravings at bay, featuring freshly whipped vanilla custard! Custard is very similar to pudding and features a bold and creamy flavor that your vape taste buds will absolutely adore! Heaping cups of farm fresh cream, whole milk, and exotic Tahitian vanilla are whisked until frothy. The liquid mixture gets poured into a pot and set on low heat to simmer. When the liquid is hot enough, the pan is removed from the heat to slightly cool. Next, several brown eggs and pure cane sugar are beaten until fluffy and slowly added to the liquid cream. Finally, the entire liquid is returned to the stove and set to simmer on low heat until the entire dessert thickens into a creamy custard! Smother your vape taste buds with a rich and creamy dessert that satisfies any sweet tooth craving any time of day. This rich and sweet dessert delivers a rush of smooth and decadent flavor for the vanilla lover in all of us. For a rich and pure vanilla flavor that sets the bar high for every other vanilla custard eliquid, try Good Ol Custard Ejuice by Big Bottle Co.!