Big Bottle Co. Lemonade Stand 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Big Bottle Co. Lemonade Stand 3 Pack features a flavor-packed trio of sweet and refreshing lemonade! One 120mL bottle is stuffed full of blue raspberries electric lemonade, crisp and refreshing. The second 120mL bottle features a beautiful and delicious pink lemonade, featuring sweet berries and tangy lemons. And lastly, the third 120mL bottle features a crisp and refreshing blend of peach blackberry lemonade, a must-try for fruit and lemonade lovers everywhere! Brand: Big Bottle Co. / Bottle Size: 360mL (3x120ml) / VG/PG: 85/15 / Flavor Type: Fruit Big Bottle Co. Lemonade Stand 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description First up, we have Electric Lemonade. Freshly sliced lemons are wrung out into a tall pitcher of cold stream-drawn water, offering a refreshing beverage flavor to your parched vape taste buds. But just to make things interesting, a handful of sweet blue raspberries are flung into the mix. These sweet blue raspberries were gathered in the light of a full moon, carrying a deep blue hue in every sweet berry. Fresh and sweet flavor pervades through the lemonade, adding a tinge of blue sweetness to every clean pull. Sweet Meyer lemons and juicy blue raspberries mingled in a tall pitcher of crisp clear water are well prepared to slake your thirst for something cold and refreshing. Second, we have Pink Lemonade. The refreshing sweet flavor of tart citrus and juicy berries mingled with crisp and cold water refreshes your vape taste buds in rolling waves of flavor. Hundreds of ripe Meyer lemons were sliced into thick slices and plopped into a tall pitcher of freshly drawn stream water. Each slice of citrus delivers a gentle tinge of sourness that is both wholesome and delicious. Next, handfuls of sweet raspberries and sunkissed strawberries are poured in by the bucket, swirling pink and sweet in the tall pitcher. Crisp and clean pink lemonade promises to cool your parched vape palette and refresh your nostrils with the sweet and gentle flavor of cold lemonade! And lastly, we have Summer Drink. A lone pitcher of clear cold stream water sits in the heat of the summer sun, condensation delicately gleaming on the glass. Thick slices of Meyer lemons are steeped for hours in the pitcher, allowing the water to soak up the slightly tart flavor and add a tinge of lemon to every deep puff. A handful of wild blackberries are tossed in for a dark and swarthy flavor. Deep blackberry juice slowly infuses the water with an electric shock of sweetness. And just when it seems like the darkness of the blackberry will win, a soft and fuzGeorgiagia peach swoops in and saves the day with light and juicy sweetness! Deep peach flavor seeps into the lemonade and delivers a smooth and well-balanced fruit flavor to the cool beverage, allowing your vape taste buds to soak up every bit of this refreshing fruit flavor!