Big Bottle Co. Lemonade Stand Electric Lemonade


Electric Lemonade Ejuice from the Lemonade Stand collection by Big Bottle Co. is a lemonade flavor overload exploding with blue raspberry juiciness. A mouthwatering homemade lemonade blend is combined with fresh blue raspberries creating a tangy, sweet and juicy flavor combination that is perfect for blowing lemony all day vape clouds Brand: Big Bottle Co. / Bottle Size: 120ml / VG/PG: 85/15 / Flavor Type: Fruit Big Bottle Co. Electric Lemonade Ejuice Description Nothing beats a tall glass of lemonade, glistening with condensation in the heat of the summer day. Big Bottle Co. has captured that same flavor of refreshing goodness in a tall 120mL bottle, ready and waiting to delight your vape taste buds with cold and fruity flavor. Freshly sliced lemons are wrung out into a tall pitcher of cold stream-drawn water, offering a refreshing beverage flavor to your parched vape taste buds. But just to make things interesting, a handful of sweet blue raspberries are flung into the mix. These sweet blue raspberries were gathered in the light of a full moon, carrying a deep blue hue in every sweet berry. Fresh and sweet flavor pervades through the lemonade, adding a tinge of blue sweetness to every clean pull. Sweet Meyer lemons and juicy blue raspberries mingled in a tall pitcher of crisp clear water are well prepared to slake your thirst for something cold and refreshing. Take a dive into the fresh and clean clouds, scented with fruits and citrus for an ice-cold glass of lemonade that soothes your sweating summer brow. Grab a bottle of this cold clear eliquid and lose yourself in the refreshing lemonade clouds that your vape taste buds can handle, thanks to the Electric Lemonade Ejuice by Big Bottle Co.!