Big Bottle Co. Lemonade Stand Summer Drink


Summer Drink Ejuice from the Lemonade Stand collection by Big Bottle Co. is a delicious blackberry peach lemonade eliquid that will satisfy any juicy cravings you may have. Their classic homemade lemonade blend is combined with fresh juicy peaches and blackberries creating a unique eliquid flavor that will blow you away. Brand: Big Bottle Co. / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 85/15 / Flavor Type: Fruit Big Bottle Co. Summer Drink Ejuice Description A lone pitcher of clear cold stream water sits in the heat of the summer sun, condensation delicately gleaming on the glass. Thick slices of Meyer lemons are steeped for hours in the pitcher, allowing the water to soak up the slightly tart flavor and add a tinge of lemon to every deep puff. A handful of wild blackberries are tossed in for a dark and swarthy flavor. Deep blackberry juice slowly infuses the water with an electric shock of sweetness. And just when it seems like the darkness of the blackberry will win, a soft and fuzGeorgiagia peach swoops in and saves the day with light and juicy sweetness! Deep peach flavor seeps into the lemonade and delivers a smooth and well-balanced fruit flavor to the cool beverage, allowing your vape taste buds to soak up every bit of this refreshing fruit flavor! Douse your vape taste buds in the refreshing flavor of crisp lemons muddled with juicy peaches and sultry blackberries! Taste the sweet and crisp flavor of fruits, citrus, and berries as they all come together to form a lemonade flavor your vape taste buds wont soon forget, thanks to this masterful Summer Drink Ejuice by Big Bottle Co.!