Big Bottle Co. Strawberry Milk Ejuice


Strawberry Milk Ejuice by Big Bottle Co. features a classic eliquid flavor, full of sunkissed strawberries and farm fresh cream. Rich, creamy milk is combined with fresh strawberry taste transforming one of the most popular vape juice flavors into one of the most delicious all day vapes you will find. Brand: Big Bottle Co. / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 85/15 / Flavor Type: Dessert Big Bottle Co. Strawberry Milk Ejuice Description Strawberry milk brings back all kinds of nostalgic memories, back to the days when youd run home from school to find a tall glass of strawberry milk just waiting to brighten up your day! This eliquid attempts to bring back some of those happy childhood memories in a single puff, transforming an ordinary cloud into an extraordinary blast of flavor! Thousands of sunkissed berries are gathered in the heat of the summer sun, freshly awaiting to be plucked in the wild fields. Each of these berries gets mashed into a thick and sweet compote, blended with heaps of pure cane sugar, and set to boil until a sweet and syrupy liquid is formed. Once this delicious strawberry syrup has cooled, its poured into a glass of farm-fresh milk, freshly delivered from the Big Bottle Co. dairy farms! This rich and creamy milk foams in delicious pink ecstasy as the strawberry syrup melts deliciously into the creamy goodness. Your eyes will roll and your vape taste buds will sing at the first puff of this decadent eliquid. Feast on the sweet and comforting dessert flavor of freshly mixed strawberry milk, crafted from natures finest strawberries and our farms richest milk, thanks to this delicious Strawberry Milk by Big Bottle Co.!