BLTS Strawberry Ejuice


Strawberry Ejuice by BLTS Ejuice delivers a sugary belt of stretched strawberry candy, thin and sweet and ready to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings! Enjoy a mouthful of fresh fruit and sugary candy all in one delicious cloud! What better way to feast on the best of both the sugar and fruit world than with this delicious eliquid! Brand: BLTS Ejuice / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Sweets BLTS Strawberry Ejuice Description Bring back your childhood memories with this sweet and sugary eliquid! Fresh fruits and sugary sweets collide in this memorable vape juice, featuring ripe summer strawberries and thin sticky strips of your favorite cornerstore candy! Mounds of sunkissed strawberries gleam a brilliant red in the heat of a summer day, waiting to be picked and transported to the secret sugar factory! These sweet and juicy summer berries are sliced and diced and smashed into a rich and flavorful strawberry compote! This sweet berry compote is slowly poured into a vat of chewy candy, turning the candy a deep red and infusing it with lush strawberry flavor. As the strawberry candy cools, it gets stretched into thin and short belt-like strips and rolled in pure cane sugar. The sweetness of the sugar mingled with the chewiness of the candy and the freshness of the strawberry fruit makes this an eliquid your vape taste buds simply cant live without! Embark on a journey through sweets and fruits alike, and enjoy a cloud of delicious flavor with every puff! Munch on a freshly stretched belt of candy sweetened with fresh summer strawberries and pure cane sugar, thanks to the delicious Strawberry Ejuice by BLTS!