BLVK Unicorn CHBY 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle


BLVK Unicorn CHBY 2 Pack presents a two-pack of delicious dessert and fruit-flavored eliquids for a fraction of the price! One bottle features a warm and crumbly strawberry shortcake, complete with a buttery shortbread crust, sweet strawberry preserves, and freshly whipped cream, while the other bottle features a cluster of grapes, freshly picked from the vineyards of Italy, pure and sweet and delicious! Brand: BLVK Unicorn / Bottle Size: 200mL (2x100ml) / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert & Fruit BLVK Unicorn CHBY 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description First up, we have CRMY Strawberry. Heaping handfuls of freshly picked strawberries are tossed with pure cane sugar and are set aside in a bowl. More fine cane sugar, buttery shortening, fresh eggs, and creamy milk are whipped together to form a creamy cake batter that smells absolutely delicious. This sweet cake batter gets poured into a round cake pan lined with buttery shortbread crumbs, whisked into the oven, and baked to golden brown perfection. After this decadent dessert is fully cooled, the real fun begins…decorating! The thick cake is sliced in half to make two thin cake layers. One half gets completely covered in the sugar-coated strawberries and the other cake half gets neatly layered atop the strawberry covered cake. The remaining strawberries are arranged across the top layer, and the entire cake receives a generous spreading of freshly whipped cream! Next, we have PRPL Grape. Treat your vape taste buds to a fresh and flavorful grape e-juice, bursting with a sweet Italian flavor that is both refreshing and fruity! Lush ripe clusters of grapes sway gently in a warm breeze, gleaming deep purple in the light of the summer sun. The scent of fresh fruits meets your nostrils with a rush of fresh fruit and promise to fulfill your wildest fruit cravings if youll only give it a chance! These fresh grapes were plucked in the prime of harvest, ensuring only the sweetest and purest would play a part in the crafting of this flavor. Each bulging cluster of grapes were carefully packed in crates and tenderly shipped from Italy for a pure and authentic taste of delicious grape bliss!