BLVK Unicorn CRMY Strawberry Ejuice


CRMY Strawberry Ejuice by BLVK Unicorn features a warm and crumbly strawberry shortcake, complete with a buttery shortbread crust, sweet strawberry preserves, and freshly whipped cream! Enjoy a decadent dessert eliquid full of rich and creamy flavor, neatly stuffed inside a chubby 100mL bottle! Brand: BLVK Unicorn / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert BLVK Unicorn CRMY Strawberry Ejuice Description Feast on a simple yet classic flavor of creamy strawberry shortcake, crafted with pure and flavorful ingredients that your vape taste buds will love! Heaping handfuls of freshly picked strawberries are tossed with pure cane sugar and are set aside in a bowl. More fine cane sugar, buttery shortening, fresh eggs, and creamy milk are whipped together to form a creamy cake batter that smells absolutely delicious. This sweet cake batter gets poured into a round cake pan lined with buttery shortbread crumbs, whisked into the oven, and baked to golden brown perfection. After this decadent dessert is fully cooled, the real fun begins…decorating! The thick cake is sliced in half to make two thin cake layers. One half gets completely covered in the sugar-coated strawberries and the other cake half gets neatly layered atop the strawberry covered cake. The remaining strawberries are arranged across the top layer, and the entire cake receives a generous spreading of freshly whipped cream! Feast on a truly decadent dessert that washes over your vape taste buds in thick and creamy strawberry shortcake clouds! This sweet and delicious strawberry shortcake eliquid promises to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings for miles of clouds to come, compliments of CRMY Strawberry by BLVK Unicorn!