BLVK Unicorn FRZN 4 Pack Ejuice Bundle


BLVK Unicorn FRZN 4 Pack offers a quadruple whammy of mentholated eliquids, featuring icy apples, frozen lychees, chilled mangoes, and frostbitten berries! Enjoy a rush of arctic air swirled with a blast of fruit that instantly satisfies your need for a cooling cloud. Crisp fruit flavor and icy menthol come together in each of these four eliquids, offering a cold cloud of delicious fruit flavor in every puff! Brand: BLVK Unicorn / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol BLVK Unicorn FRZN 4 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description First up, we have FRZN Apple. Feast on a frozen bite of winter, featuring a crisp and icy Honeycrisp apple, freshly plucked in the heart of winter, complete with frosted ice glazed over the entire apple. This chilly treat ensures that every puff gives off a frozen bite as well as a sweet apple flavor. For all of our vapers who crave a delicious mentholated fruit flavor, look no further than FRZN Apple by BLVK Unicorn. This icy sweet treat is bursting with frozen sweetness that needs no other flavors mixed in. This chilled apple eliquid presents a powerfully strong aroma that dances from your lips and easily fills up a room with its pungent scent. Next, we have FRZN Chee. This eliquid features a unique lychee berry, glazed over with the iciness of an early winter frost. These lychee berries were plucked from icy branches in the heart of winter under a moonlit midnight eve. The lychee fruit has been described unto the likeness of a chilled rosy grape, or a cool watermelon/pear flavor. You be the judge and dive headfirst into this frozen wonder! Enjoy a fresh and flavorful fruit, frosted over with the wintery blast of the Arctic cold! Whether it tastes like an icy watermelon or a frozen pear, your vape taste buds are sure to be frozen over with this chilly cloud of fruit flavor! Third, we have FRZN Mango. The dreaded winter apocalypse has come at last, freezing all of the warm tropical islands into snowy renditions of their once carefree shores! Instead of warm waters and sandy beaches, an icy sea is frozen solid and thick snow lines the beaches. The ripe and juicy mangoes that used to sway in a joyous breeze now clank together in a brisk arctic blast. Take your vape taste buds on a frosty winter paradise, where cold and icy mangoes have been freshly plucked in the heart of winter, complete with frosted ice glazed over the entire tropical fruit. Enjoy a frosty cloud infused with the frozen flavor of a tropical paradise turned topsy turvy! And finally, we have FRZN Berries. This eliquid features an icy igloo stuffed with frozen berries, ready to delight your vape taste buds with a blast of chilly sweetness. Frozen strawberries gently thaw under a harsh and unyielding December sun, delivering a sweet yet icy blast of summers long past. Chilly raspberries clink softly in the chilly breeze as they huddle together underneath the snow-capped berry brambles. Plump blueberries have frozen solid in their patience for spring to come again, and offer a gentle tartness surrounded by an icy ball of winter. And finally, cold blackberries complete this icy mixed berry medley, delivering a subtle kick of sweetness mixed in with a might kick of snowy flavor.