BLVK Unicorn UniChew Ejuice


UniChew Ejuice by BLVK Unicorn features a chewy square candy brimming with pink berries and inexplicable juiciness! Sooth your savage sweet tooth cravings and lose yourself in the delicious flavor of sweet taffy and fresh fruits in every cloud! The wonderful world of candies and fruits collide with this deliciously sweet eliquid! Brand: BLVK Unicorn / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Sweets BLVK Unicorn UniChew Ejuice Description Feast on an eliquid crafted with soft and freshly made taffy, chewy and sweetened with the juice of a thousand pink berries! These berries are tediously gathered from the BLVK Unicorns personal berry bushes, offering a pure and delicious sweetness. We couldnt let this sweetness go to waste, so instead of trying to stuff our faces with as many as we could, we decided to preserve it in this delicious eliquid! Once these berries are washed and patted dry, they get smashed and pressed to harvest every drop of delicious flavor. This sweet juice is slowly poured into a vat of chewy taffy for an inexplicably juicy flavor that will make your vape taste buds sing! Once the pink berry juice is fully folded into the taffy mix, this decadent taffy gets pulled and stretched until its long enough to jump rope with! Once the taffy is stretched enough, it gets cut into small squares and wrapped in a square of prettily colored paper! Sound familiar? A childhood candy favorite has now become a vape-able delight! Not only does the flavor taste good, but the scent of these clouds will transport you to a candy factory in your mind, complete with a lazy haze of pink berry-scented clouds that are inexplicably juicy.