BLVK Unicorn UniDew Ejuice


UniDew Ejuice by BLVK Unicorn features a fresh and fruity blend, brimming with freshly carved honeydew melon! Sweet spheres of this juicy fruit are shoved into a 60mL bottle and offer ultimate fruit perfection in every cloud! Treat your vape taste buds to rich and flavorful melon clouds for as long as your taste buds desire! Brand: BLVK Unicorn / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Fruit BLVK Unicorn UniDew Ejuice Description UniDew is derived from the subtly sweet and very attractive honeydew melon. Smooth spheres of this exquisite fruit were carved and pressed into a single 60mL bottle, exclusively for your honeydew melon cravings. Each puff of this refreshing eliquid offers a burst of fresh fruit, subtle and sweet and entirely delicious. Legend has it that there was a contest throughout Vapeland to see which vape chemist could craft the most perfect, closest imitation of this intangible fruit. This intricate flavor presented quite a challenge to experienced vape chemists from around the vape kingdom. So as the legend goes, this particular flavor was crafted as a present for the king, and the prize was possession of the famed BLVK Unicorn. While we cant guarantee youll get a glimpse of this majestic creature, we can guarantee that youll absolutely love this flavor to the moon and back, to the ends of the rainbow, and to the cloud heavens and beyond! Smooth and ripe honeydew flavor abounds in this singularly fruit-flavored eliquid. Cold and ripe melons abound in every cloud, delivering a delicious blast of sweet melon in every cloud. Treat your vape taste buds to sweet and refreshing honeydew melon flavor with every puff, compliments of UniDew by BLVK Unicorn!