BLZRD Cookie Shake Ejuice


Cookie Shake Ejuice by BLZRD features a crunchy vanilla creme cookie, crumbled into bite-sized pieces and blended with vanilla ice cream! Get your vanilla fix here, and stuff your face with delicious vanilla-scented clouds for days! Its the perfect time for a milkshake loaded with crunchy pieces of vanilla creme cookies in every cloud! Brand: BLZRD / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert BLZRD Cookie Shake Ejuice Description Its time for something sweet, and your taste buds are cravings vanilla cookies and cream. You tear into a fresh package of vanilla creme cookies, crunchy wafers layered atop a fine bed of soft vanilla creme. Each crunchy cookie blesses your taste buds with rich and creamy flavor, and with that added bit of crunchiness, you drift off into a blissful sense of euphoria. Theres a melting carton of ice cream sitting on the kitchen counter, and as you gaze at the cookies and ice cream together, you get a brilliant idea. Why not mix the two together? You race to the blender, plug it in, and start pouring in as many cookies as your fingers can grab. When the cookies are stuffed high, you start scooping in heaping helpings of the melting ice cream. The sticky sweetness drips onto the cookies with each scoop, offering even creamier vanilla flavor. You eagerly hit the blend button and watch, fascinated, as the cookies and ice cream transform into a thick and creamy milkshake! You pour the freshly blended milkshake into a tall glass, add on some creamy whipped cream, and add a whole cookie as a garnish. Your mouth is watering, your spoon is poised to dig in, and your taste buds are screaming for more ice cream!