BLZRD Toffee Crunch Shake Ejuice


Toffee Crunch Shake Ejuice by BLZRD features the rich flavor of crunchy toffee blended with smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream! Enjoy a thick and creamy cloud of dessert sweetness, full of buttery toffee and melted ice cream. For all those who never thought toffee could be transformed into an eliquid, your dessert dreams have finally come true! Brand: BLZRD / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert BLZRD Toffee Crunch Shake Ejuice Description Enjoy the crunchy flavor of freshly cracked toffee, infused with a rich molasses sweetness and blended with vanilla ice cream for a unique and flavorful dessert eliquid! The trick is to crack the toffee right before it burns, making this a patient yet highly rewarding process. Dark and rich molasses is melted with sweet butter on an open fire, bubbling merrily as it reaches its boiling point. Once the butter and molasses have fused, the rich toffee is spread thickly on a flat surface and is broken into crunchy pieces once it cools. The rich and sweet toffee offers the perfect ingredient to mix in with ice cream in a mouthwatering milkshake dessert! The freshly cracked toffee is tossed into a blender, where thick scoops of vanilla ice cream are added in. The blender is started and begins to work its magic on the two decadent sweet treats. The slowly melting ice cream mixes perfectly with the sticky and crispy toffee, and the two sweet treats combine into one magnificent dessert. The resulting toffee milkshake is carefully poured into a tall glass and is topped with a thick dollop of freshly whipped cream! A few remaining pieces of cracked toffee are sprinkled on top of the dessert as a garnish, and the dessert is ready to be devoured! Indulge in the rich and flavorful taste of sticky toffee and smooth ice cream in a single dessert cloud, known as Toffee Crunch Shake by BLZRD!