Boba Jazzy Ejuice


Jazzy Ejuice by Boba delivers a unique eliquid, featuring a smooth boba tea enhanced with floral jasmine and rich creamy milk! Now before you go wrinkling your nose at us, give this eliquid a try. The calming scents of jasmine and the soothing milky tea flavor might just be your new favorite vape juice! Brand: Boba eLiquids / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Boba Jazzy Ejuice Description Jazzy Ejuice by Boba brings a snazzy new eliquid to the vape juice market, offering not just fruits, creams, and candies, but an actual flower scent to your taste buds. Jasmine has long been a beloved scent to your nostrils, so instead of rolling around in a field of flowers, why not roll around in a field of jasmine-scented clouds? Unique doesnt have to be a cause for skepticism, but rather, an eager anticipation to try something new, and thats exactly what this eliquid does for your vape palate. A freshly brewed cup of boba tea awaits your taste buds, sending out delicate wisps of steam that tickle your nostrils with calming sweetness. The boba tea has been left for hours on low heat, simmering and steeping to just the right flavor. A dash of fresh and frothy cream has been poured into the tea, infusing the boba tea with a milky sweetness that tea lovers everywhere can appreciate. As a final touch, a dash of sweet jasmine extract has been swirled in. This bold addition of a calming flower adds a delicate floral taste that can only be described as magnificent. But dont take my word for it… youll have to see for yourself! Enjoy a calming cloud of vapor, enhance with freshly brewed boba tea, sweet frothy cream, and warm soothing jasmine!