Boba Manggo Ejuice


Manggo Ejuice by Boba offers a stirring rendition of your favorite tea, sweetened with thick mango slices and a dash of farm fresh cream! Feast on a fruit and cream tea that offers a calming cloud of sweetness, heartily craved by your vape taste buds! Sip on a calming breath of fresh air, scented with milky tea and sweet tropical mangoes in every cloud! Brand: Boba eLiquids / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Boba Manggo Ejuice Description Nothing beats curling up by the fireplace with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Thanks to this delicious eliquid creation from Boba, now you can get that magical sensation of being warm and cozy with a single cloud! This delicious eliquid features a freshly brewed mug of boba tea, warm and sweet and full of flavor. Boba tea has deep oriental roots and has become a favorite amongst tea drinkers everywhere. But this eliquid wasnt happy with just a steaming cup of tea, oh no! This sultry eliquid masterpiece also features a creamy infusion of warm milk, freshly poured and simmered to a delicious frothy texture. The calming elements of boba tea and creamy milk are made even more delicious with an addition of fruit. Freshly picked mangoes are harvested from the Caribbean islands, each fruit bearing that warm and carefree flavor of a tropical paradise. These mangoes are sliced into thick wedges and crushed into a delicious fruit puree, sweet and sticky. This delectable mango puree is slowly added to the boba tea, adding a mouthwatering fruit flavor that your taste buds are sure to love. Treat your taste buds to something milky, sweet, and fruity all in a single cloud, known as Manngo Ejuice by Boba!