Bombz Melon Bombz Ejuice


Melon Bombz Ejuice by Bombz delivers an aggressive cloud of melon goodness right to your vape tank! Succulent watermelon, juicy cantaloupe, and sweet honeydew melon form this delicious trifecta of melons. Its impossible to vape this eliquid without a smile, and we dare you to try it! Brand: Bombz / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Bombz Melon Bombz Ejuice Description Bombs away! Jeronimo! Woohoo! Thats all the words your taste buds will be screaming from the very first hit of this bomb-diggity eliquid! Our first melon bombshell comes in the form of fresh watermelons. Known for its famous red fruit and dark green rind, this melon is often thought to be the pride of summer. The rich flavor and watery goodness provides the perfect fruit to relax in a hammock, celebrate at a pool party, or chow down when youre craving somthing refreshing. Now in eliquid form, this melon would certainly steal the show if not for the other two melons in this vape juice: honeydews and cantaloupes. The smooth and refreshing green honeydew melons are sliced in half and scooped into fat spheres. The melon balls are a soft and delicious addition to the melon party, each melon ball dripping with sticky sweet juice. The honeydew melon keeps your taste buds satisfied and calms down the hype of the watermelon flavor. But theres a third flavor that we simply must introduce you to in this triple melon whammy: cantaloupes! Each rough melon is hewn in half to reveal a pale orange flesh, sweet and crisp and juicy. The cantaloupe is carved into thick wedges and brings a delightful burst of sweetness that brings the other two melons together. Enjoy a splash of flavor in this fantastic melon e-juice and keep your fruit cravings at bay!