Bru Juice Berry Custard Crunch Ejuice


This new flavor of e liquid is a cereal base that is wildly different than the majority of other cereal flavors. You will bounce between crunch berries and berry custard before finally settling to this berry custard crunch flavor. Youll want to indulge in this fruity, creamy dessert. Brand: Bru Juice / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Sweets Bru Juice Berry Custard Crunch Ejuice Description This delicious flavor of eliquid, the Berry Custard Crunch offered by the Bru Juice Company is one of the most unique flavors you could ever taste. It contains a tangy berry and lemon zest added with a sumptuous flavor to this easy, crunchy custard. It is certainly perfect for breakfast and even when many people forgot to eat their meal, there is no need to worry. Just take a deep pull of this e-juice and it will surely quench your cravings and hunger. You may even feel like chewing because it tastes like a crunchy bowl of cereal. You can also taste the creaminess of the milk, which is not only dense but allows a smooth vapor experience when you begin to exhale slowly. Youll love every second as the clouds get bigger. So what are you waiting for? You will find yourself yearning for this irresistible Berry Custard Crunch from the Bru Juice.