Bubble Factory by Juice Roll-Upz Blue Raspberry Ejuice


Blue Raspberry Ejuice by Bubble Factory (by Juice Roll Upz) is known for its tart, sweet and delicious flavor infused with bubblegum! Bubble Factory Blue Raspberry gives you that sweet blue raspberry inhale with a small hint of sourness. It instantly reminds you of Blue Icees and bubblegum all at once. Brand: Bubble Factory / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Bubble Factory by Juice Roll-Upz Blue Raspberry Ejuice Description Step inside a delicious world where chewy bubblegum clouds and sweet fruits collide! This delicious 100mL bottle of chewy fruit goodness was crafted in a top-secret bubblegum factory, where thick squares of blue raspberry bubblegum are painstakingly squeezed into flavorful eliquid and are tested rigorously to ensure a huge cloud of flavor with every puff! First, sweet and ripe blue raspberries were gathered from a mad scientists backyard, each plump berry tingling with sweet and sugary fruit flavor. Next, these delicious berries were crushed thoroughly to harvest every last drop of blue raspberry juice. And finally, this flavorful berry juice was slowly mixed into a sticky mixture of liquid bubblegum! This fresh flavor of blue raspberry juice bubblegum gets cut into fat squares and jammed inside a thick 100mL bottle until the entire bottle is just about ready to burst! Take your vape taste buds on a whimsical trip through a delicious bubblegum factory, where the clouds produced rival the biggest bubble every cracked! Enjoy a mouthwatering flavor of sweet and juicy blue raspberries mingled with a freshly cut square of chewy bubblegum and let your clouds roam free in that puffy cloud factory in the sky, thanks to Blue Raspberry Ejuice by Bubble Factory!