Bubble Factory by Juice Roll-Upz Grape


Grape Ejuice from Bubble Factory (by Juice Roll-Upz) consists of some sweet bubblegum over a vine of ripe grapes. On the inhale its a sweet taste of bubblegum with subtle notes of grape flavor. The grape capitalizes on the bubble gum flavor that brings a fruity platter to your vape taste buds. Brand: Bubble Factory / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Bubble Factory by Juice Roll-Upz Grape Description Feast on a flavor crafted overseas in the finest bubblegum factory in all of Italy! Why in Italy, you ask? Because Italy has the finest and most tender grapes that offer the maximum flavor to infuse your clouds with delicious fruity goodness! Take a stroll with us through these fine vineyards, where lush and ripe clusters of grapes gleam a deep purple in the heat of the summer sun. Sweet and pungent grape flavor is heavily prevalent in the very air and fills your nostrils with the fresh scent of ripe fruit. These sweet and exotic grapes are plucked at the peak of freshness and carted off to a bubblegum factory, ready to flavor your bubblegum with fresh fruit! These grapes are stomped on and smashed into a deep royal purple juice, thick and sweet and refreshing. This dark grape juice is poured into a sticky liquid bubblegum mixture, where the dark juice stains the bubblegum a deep and delicious royal purple! As the grape bubblegum cools into a firm sticky mass, thick squares of this sweet treat are cut out and stuffed into the 100mL bottle you see before you, filled until not a single square of bubblegum can fit! Enjoy the smooth and rolling flavor of freshly squeezed concord grapes surrounding a thick square of chewy and sweet bubblegum, thanks to Grape Ejuice by Bubble Factory!