Bubble Gang Grape Ape Ejuice


Grape Ape Ejuice by Bubble Gang presents a tangy and juicy bubblegum square that is flavored with fresh and flavorful grape juice! Enjoy a chewy cloud of grape-scented deliciousness that delivers a crazy twist of fruits and sweets in a hefty 100mL bottle! Brand: Bubble Gang / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Bubble Gang Grape Ape Ejuice Description Grape Ape was first discovered near the island of Tarzan, where juicy concord grapes hung in clusters for all to enjoy. But Grape Ape wanted to discover what the rest of the world was like, so he allowed himself to be captured by Circus Hunters. Upon his capture, Grape Ape was transported to a world of circus acts, where he balanced on the trapeze with the greatest of ease, and managed to capture the hearts of all who saw him. One day, as he was missing how sweet his homeland smelled, he chanced upon a gumball machine that had peculiar spheres that smelled like the fruit of his homeland! In a desperate attempt to attain these fascinating spheres, he knocked over the whole thing! As he gathered all the purple ones in his hand, he hooted happily because they smelled and tasted like home! He crammed all of them in his mouth and immediately began to blow huge bubblegum clouds, which quickly drew clouds of amused onlookers. While we cant guarantee youll be able to blow as big of a cloud as a bubble-gum blowing ape, we can guarantee your happiness levels will be the same!