Bubble Gang OG Bubba Ejuice


OG Bubba by Bubble Gang features a gigantic sphere of chewy bubblegum, complete with a sweet watermelon filling! Engage your vape taste buds in a street battle of fresh fruits and chewy bubblegum, as you puff on the exhilarating taste of victory in the form of pure and puffy clouds! Brand: Bubble Gang / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Bubble Gang OG Bubba Ejuice Description?????? Featuring the last original gangster of the fruits, OG Bubba brings back a wave of flavor with this lush and aggressive watermelon bubblegum! Packing heat, minus the seeds, this watermelon has a license to kill all other inferior watermelon flavors. As a self-proclaimed vigilante of the vape flavors, this flavor promises to dominate your taste buds with pistol-packed action! In addition to being a fearsome watermelon underdog, this flavor boasts a sphere of chewy and sweet bubblegum that delivers the bullets to the watermelon gun. As you vape on chewy bubblegum laced with a potent watermelon serum, you??????ll feel a nearly irresistible urge to pull your hat brim low and dress in a dark trench coat, compliments of the infamous OG Bubba himself. Treat yourself to the delicious flavor of fat summer melons stripped of their inedible green rind and bitter black seeds to leave the pure and refreshing taste of watermelon juice! Fill up a round gumball with this delicious watermelon juice and you just might become the next vapor lord of the streets! Feast on chewy bubblegum, fresh fruits, and all the flavorful clouds your heart desires, thanks to the OG Bubba by Bubble Gang!