California Grown Eliquids Grizzly Apple


Grizzly Apple by California Grown Eliquids is a must-try for every vaper who loves apples. The flavor of different red apples were combined to give you a crisp and refreshing treat. This is certainly an all-day vape. California Grown Eliquids Grizzly Apple Details Brand: California Grown Eliquids Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: 60/40 Flavor: Sweet, Fruit Grizzly Apple is one of the best apple eliquids out there. It has a pure, natural taste that sets it apart. Vaping this California Grown Eliquids vape juice will feel as though you are drinking some apple juice. The taste is exactly the same. Grizzly Apple does not taste artificial in any way. The mixologists at California Grown Eliquids factory must have scoured through different vineyards to gather, juice, and bottle the choicest red Granny Smith apples and Fuji apples. There is no other rational explanation. This eliquid is simply awesome. The taste of Grizzly doesnt change much on the inhale and exhale. You get the same enjoyable apple flavor throughout. The taste switches from tart too sweet with every hit. The flavor of this eliquid is well balanced, and it vapes smoothly. Overall, Grizzly Apple by California Grown Eliquids is highly recommended.