Candy King Lemon Drops Ejuice


Lemon Drops Ejuice by Candy King lets you enjoy the sweet and citrusy flavor of crushed lemon rolled into a sweet drop of golden sun! Treat your vape taste buds to the other side of a lemons sour zing: the sweet and slightly tart flavor of smooth hard lemon candies! Brand: Candy King / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Candy King Lemon Drops Ejuice Description This candy-flavored vape juice delivers a roundhouse kick of zesty lemon that throws you to your knees, and a dropkick of sour sugar just for good measure. Lemon Drops Ejuice features a powerful hit of lemon in each and every puff of your billowing clouds. This delightful flavor bursts with the freshly plucked scent of a freshly squeezed lemon, transforming your ordinary cloud into a sour pucker that leaves you breathless yet yearning for more. Hundreds of ripe lemons were plucked from the lemon groves of Florida, smooth and ripe. The firm lemon rind throws off a delicious citrus scent that masks the deadly sour lemon juice within! These fine lemons were thrown whole into the citrus crusher, where the lemon is squeezed until it ruptures and smashed into a sweet and sour pulp that provides a delicious kick of flavor in every puff. This thick lemon pulp is slowly folded into a liquid candy mixture, where it is scooped into smooth round spheres and set to cool. Let this lemony eliquid hurl your vape taste buds into a citrus wonderland, where hard candies melt in your mouth and sweet and tangy lemon flavor infiltrates your clouds!