Candy King On Salt Iced Lemon Drops Ejuice


Iced Lemon Drops Ejuice by Candy King On Salt offers a tart and tangy lemon drop smothered in icy menthol! Enjoy a crunchy lemon candy, just like the ones you stole from Grandmas purse, now with a cool kiss of menthol! Sweet, tart, icy, and in nic-salt eliquid form, this flavor brings the best of all the flavors in a single cloud! Brand: Candy King On Ice / Bottle Size: 30ml / Nicotine: 35mg/50mg / Flavor Type: Menthol, Sweets , Nicotine Salt Candy King On Salt Iced Lemon Drops Ejuice Description Enjoy a drop of golden sun coated in icy freshness and transformed into the 30mL bottle of eliquid you see before you! It was a warm day in sunny Florida, with a light breeze dancing through the lemon groves and the sweet scent of fresh citrus in the air. All of a sudden, a freak snowstorm descended with frightful fury on the lemon grove, covering each ripe lemon with a blanket of icy snow! The lemon farmers wasted no time in gathering as many of the icy lemons as they could, but it was too late. Gone was the fresh and light flavor, replaced with a cold and tart flavor of icy sourness. So instead of giving up entirely, the lemon farmers thought quickly and crushed each icy lemon into fine shards. They melted the shards down into a frosty liquid and poured the icy lemon juice into candy molds. Once the lemon candy had cooled, they sprinkled a touch of the remaining snow onto the sweets and stuffed them into the 30mL bottle you see before you! Follow in the footsteps of these lemon farmers and when life throws you lemons, vape them! Enjoy a frosty lemon candy in eliquid form, also known as Iced Lemon Drops Ejuice by Candy King! WARNING: Nicotine Salts are compatible with any NON sub-ohm device but, we highly recommend using it with a refillable pod system. This flavor is a nicotine salt infused e-Liquid formulated for pod systems and other similar low power devices