Carnival Juice Roll-Upz Berry Lemonade Ejuice


Berry Lemonade Ejuice by Carnival Juice Roll-Upz presents a delicious mashup of freshly squeezed lemonade with a scoop of mixed berries has been pressed into eliquid form to present a madhouse of flavor. Refresh your parched palette with this sweet and fruity lemonade! Carnival Juice Roll-Upz Berry Lemonade Ejuice Description While toiling long hot hours under the sun, you can snag a bottle of delicious refreshment, featuring a tall glass of cold deliciousness: freshly squeezed lemonade, dripping with condensation and ready to be poured into a tall glass for your parched taste buds! This flavorful eliquid is derived from freshly plucked lemons from the orchard lemon trees, firm and full of tart lemon juice. Each lemon gets firmly rolled before slicing to ensure every drop of lemon juice is squeezed from the citrus fruit! Next, we have a medley of berries eager to join in. A wild forest was raided to provide thousands of delicious berries of all shapes and sizes. Freshly picked blackberries deliver a sharp and sweet tanginess, while soft and shy raspberries offer a calm and delicious flavor. Plump blueberries offer a resounding tart flavor and ruby red strawberries deliver the flavor of the sun in every juicy berry. These sweet and flavorful berries have been tossed into this sweet and slightly sour blend of a cool cool beverage (Kendrick Lamar anyone?) to bring you a tall glass of pure lemonade goodness. Enjoy delivers a breathy and gentle hit of perfectly tart lemons, blended with sugar water, and added into a medley of mixed berries! Carnival Juice Roll-Upz Berry Lemonade Ejuice Information Brand: Carnival Juice Roll-Upz Type: eJuice Bottle Size: 100ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit About Carnival Juice Roll-Upz The Carnival Juice line is dedicated to giving you the same classic candy flavors that you will enjoy at the circus. The Carnival series is made by Juice Roll Upz, which is based in Southern California. As a result, this line is sometimes referred to as Carnival Juice Roll Upz. This is a premium e-juice brand that offers some tantalizing e-liquids. All the vape liquids in the Carnival series are made with top-shelf ingredients and are specially prepared to give you the most realistic flavor. They are handcrafted by experts according to the highest industry standards. Carnival e-liquids allow you to enjoy the carnival at any time of the day. Some of the e-liquids in this series are Roll Whip, Berry Lemonade, and Blue Cotton Candy. Each one of these e-juice blends tastes like the real thing. They do not come off as artificial in any way. Carnival Juice blends will satisfy your sweet tooth and take your taste buds on a wild ride. Grab a bottle of any of these e-liquids today, and you wont be disappointed.