Carnival Juice Roll-Upz Blue Cotton Candy Ejuice


Blue Cotton Candy by Carnival Juice Roll-Upz features a puffy stick of freshly spun cotton candy, blended with fresh blue raspberries! Enjoy a silky sweet that melts in your mouth and delights your vape taste buds with every breathy puff of carnival treat goodness! Brand: Carnival Juice Roll-Upz / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Carnival Juice Roll-Upz Blue Cotton Candy Ejuice Description Remember those awesome mini vacations where you skipped along at the county fair, the summer circus, and the mysterious carnival? Carnival Juice Roll-Upz wants to remind you of all of the fun-filled hours of carnival adventures and offers a deliciously light and airy bottle of nostalgic memories called Blue Cotton Candy! Enjoy a sweet puff of freshly spun cotton candy delight, flavored with exquisite blue raspberries that only carnies can acquire. These sweet blue raspberries are crushed into liquid blue deliciousness and are slowly added to a vat of sticky liquid sugar. Once the blue raspberry and liquid sugar melt together, it gets poured into a cotton candy machine, where light and airy strands of cotton candy build up! These tufts of cotton candy are swept onto a cardboard stick and presented to you as a delicious circus treat! This soft and fluffy cotton candy melts in your mouth and transforms into thick and puffy clouds, bursting with the softest cotton candy ever spun inside a circus tent. Enjoy a sweetly flavored vape ejuice that delivers a breathy and gentle hit of perfectly sweetened blue raspberry cotton candy, blended with happy memories, and dumped straight into your tank!