Charlies Chalk Dust White Big Berry Ejuice


Big Berry Ejuice by Charlies Chalk Dust White features juicy watermelon chunks and sweet summer blueberries churned into chewy jelly beans! Enjoy a cloudburst of fruit-flavored sugary candies and keep those sweet tooth cravings at bay! Brand: Charlies Chalk Dust White / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Charlies Chalk Dust White Big Berry Ejuice Description Treat yourself to a truly delicious candy masterpiece that Willy Wonka would be proud of, combining the ripest fruits in nature with the irresistible chewiness of sugary jelly beans! Now instead of choosing between candy and fruit flavors, this flavor offers both! Fat and juicy watermelons were hauled away from a ripe melon patch, kudzu vines doing their best to fight to keep every swollen melon. These deep green melons were carved into thick slices of fresh summer goodness, with sticky red watermelon juice glistening in the summer sun. Each slice has the inedible green rind and black seeds removed to leave a pulpy sticky mess of watermelon flesh and juice. A handful of plump blueberries are flung into the juice, freshly gathered from the wild berry brambles in Charlies backyard. This delicious watermelon and blueberry juice gets poured into a fancy jelly bean machine, where soft and chewy jelly beans pop out of the other side! Each sugary sweet features the rich and refreshing summer flavor of delicious watermelon and wild blueberry juice! Now you can have your fruits and candy in one sugary cloud of sweetness, thanks to this watermelon blueberry jelly bean eliquid called Big Berry from Charlies Chalk Dust White!