Charlies Chalk Dust White Black Ice Ejuice


Black Ice Ejuice by Charlies Chalk Dust White features a frosty rush of chilled blackberries and icy cucumbers thrown together in a refreshing cloud of winter! Enjoy a smooth and calming cloud of flavor brought together by an unlikely yet perfectly pair of frozen blackberry and chilly cucumber! Brand: Charlies Chalk Dust White / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol Charlies Chalk Dust White Black Ice Ejuice Description Nothing is so dangerous in the heart of winter as the dreaded black ice…which is why Charlies Chalk Dust has risen to the challenge of creating such a flavor that strikes fear into the hearts of lesser menthol flavors. A blast of frozen berries with fresh slices of icy cucumbers makes this an eliquid that you simply must try. First up in this fierce menthol flavor is icy blackberry. These cold berries were hurriedly plucked in the dead of winter, with a dark and brooding flavor infused into every handful. The true flavor of the night reaches a filmy hand through the mist and squeezes the icy berry juice from every berry to present a cold and calculating blackberry-flavored ice! Next, we have icy cucumber to bring a much-needed balance to the tartness of the berry. Cool and refreshing cucumber brings a calming breeze throughout the flavor, offering a light in the dark of this icy flavor. Sweet and frozen blueberries mingled with fresh slices of cold cucumber makes flavor a truly unique eliquid that no vaper should ever be without. Pique your interest with a flavor as dark as a blackberry and cool as a cucumber, thanks to the scintillating flavor of Black Ice Ejuice by Charlies Chalk Dust White!