Charlies Chalk Dust White Wonder Worm Ejuice


Wonder Worm Ejuice by Charlies Chalk Dust White is a rich mashup of wriggling candy worms slithering through this sweet and sour ejuice that will have your vape taste buds screaming for more! Sweet and fruity gummy candy rolled in sour sugar crystals is just the thing to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Brand: Charlies Chalk Dust White / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Charlies Chalk Dust White Wonder Worm Ejuice Description Sweet and sour go together like worms and dirt, which is why this delectable flavor decided to pack tons of delicious sweet and sour gummy worms into a single flavor! Psychedelic gummy worms burrow through mounds of sweet tarts, offering a slimy trail of sweet and sour deliciousness. What you hold in your hand has been the byproduct of years of careful gathering the slime of the Wonder Worm. While we cant guarantee your clouds will glow in the dark, we can guarantee that this flavor stands above the rest in terms of clouds, flavor, and potency! Charlies Chalk Dust really knows how to get your vape taste buds salivating, and Wonder Worm is no exception. In a maddening fight for a place in your vape tank, Wonder Worm promises to fill the air with fragrant candy clouds that both delight the nostrils and your vape palette. Sweet and chewy gummy worms wriggle through your clouds and present a delicious fruit and candy-flavored eliquid that satisfies your need for something sweet. For a delicious rendition of your favorite corner store candy, tear into a pack of brightly colored gummy worms that delight your vape taste buds with every puff, thanks to Wonder Worm Ejuice by Charlies Chalk Dust!