Cheap E-juice Choco Cookie Ejuice


Choco Cookie Ejuice by Cheap E-Juice brings to life the flavors of a soft, freshly baked cookie with rich chocolate chunks melted into thick delicious cookie dough. Feast on a warm and sweet chocolate dessert that satisfies your insatiable cravings for something sweet! Brand: Cheap E-Juice / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cheap E-juice Choco Cookie Ejuice Description Feast on a warm and freshly baked chocolate cookie, soft and chewy and gooey with melted chocolate! For all of you chocolate clouds lovers, Choco Cookie Ejuice was crafted with you in mind! Thick and sticky cookie dough was formed by mixing together pure cane sugar, sweet butter, a dash of Tahitian vanilla, and freshly beaten eggs. Next, two scoops of finely ground chocolate powder are mixed into the cookie batter, turning the entire dough a dark and rich chocolate brown! A handful of chocolate chunks is slowly folded into the dough for an extra burst of chocolatey goodness! Heaping spoonfuls of the dough are plopped onto a greased cookie sheet and whisked into the oven, where they bake to a warm and gooey softness. These decadent treats are delicately removed from the oven and piled high on a platter, sending a mouthwatering aroma throughout the kitchen. Break open a soft and gooey chocolate chunk cookie and lick the melted chocolate off your fingertips as you dunk this dreamy dessert into a glass of freshly poured milk! Never worry about spoiling your dinner appetite by having dessert first, thanks to this delicious Choco Cookie by Cheap Ejuice!