Cheap E-Juice Rainbow Pixy Ejuice


Rainbow Pixy Ejuice by Cheap E-Juice features a sweet and flavorful sweet shop treat, with fruit flavored pixy dust delighting your vape taste buds at every turn! Feast on a 60mL bottle of sugary sweet rainbow pixy dust and take your vape taste buds on a journey to the second star to the right and straight on till morning! Brand: Cheap E-Juice / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Cheap E-Juice Rainbow Pixy Ejuice Description Feast on a light and airy flavor of the fairies as you vape the fruits of the rainbow in every sweet puff! Rainbow is the name of the flavor game, and with every fruit of the rainbow bottled up inside, you wont need a pot of gold to enjoy the end of this rainbow! A stuffed cornucopia of fruits was used in this eliquid, featuring dark black cherries, tangy Meyer lemons, smooth Key limes, plump Concord Grapes, and juicy Florida oranges! These sweet fruits were carted off to the Cheap Ejuice Candy Factory, where tiny fairies flit back and forth, carting the sweet fruits to the stomping room. Hard-working fairies crush the fruit into a sweet fruit juice cocktail; as they work, fairy dust falls from their wings and transforms the refreshing fruit juice into mounds of light and airy pixy dust! This sweet dust is carefully scooped into paper straws and dumped into the 60mL bottle you see before you! This sweet and sugary eliquid was crafted for the candy lover in all of us, featuring a smooth and delicious blend of all the fruits of the rainbow! Vape the rainbow and transport your vape taste buds into a sugar factory of candied clouds, thanks to Rainbow Pixy Ejuice by Cheap Ejuice!