Cheap E-Juice Sour Green Apple Ejuice


Sour Green Apple Ejuice by Cheap E-Juice delivers a summer ripened Granny Smith apples fresh from the orchard in every cloud. Treat your vape taste buds to the sweet flavor and sour bite of the angry green apple and puff on fresh and mean fruit in all its glory! Brand: Cheap E-Juice / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Cheap E-Juice Sour Green Apple Ejuice Description Legend has it that there was a particularly saucy Granny Smith apple tree that used to dangle its delectable fruits just above the heads of weary travelers. As they tried to reach up and pluck the goodly fruit from the branches, the fruit would either raise just out of their reach or be plunked down on top of their heads…you could almost hear the apples laughing in the breeze. A vape wizard happened to observe this cruel joke and scolded the trees trickery. As punishment for this debauchery, now those same green apples have been transformed into beautiful 100 mL bottles of sweet fruity goodness. But just to be spiteful, theres still some sour kick in the flavor, just to remind you where the flavor came from! Treat your vape taste buds a powerfully sour and sinfully sweet apple, perfect for candied fruit lovers everywhere. Whether this apple came from a sour apple tree or happened to be soaked for days in a mouth-squinching sour syrup, this flavor delivers a delicious flavor you wont want to pass up. Feast on crisp and sweet apple flavor drowning in a delightfully sour sauce, compliments of >Sour Green Apple Ejuice by Cheap E-Juice!