Cheap Ejuice Pebbled 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Cheap Ejuice Pebbled 2 Pack takes your vape taste buds on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, where Saturday morning cartoons and the breakfast of champions is nestled firmly in your arms! Feast on sweet pebbled cereal that transports you back to the Stone Age with every fruity pebbled cloud with a bundle of two 60mL or 120mL bottles! Brand: Cheap E-Juice / Bottle Size: 120mL (2x60ml) & 240mL (2x120ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cheap Ejuice Pebbled 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description Treat your vape taste buds to a brimming bowl of sweet crunchy cereal doused in a tall stream of cold creamy milk! A lone empty bowl sits on the countertop, paired with a silver spoon as they wait for morning to come. Once the sunlight starts filtering through the kitchen window, you can hear yawning and stretching from all rooms of the house. Padded footsteps shuffle into the kitchen and reach for that colorful box of cereal. The cereal box flaps are pushed back, the plastic bag is unrolled, and a cascading avalanche of sugary rainbow pebbled cereal comes pouring into the waiting bowl. A tall pitcher of cold milk is removed from the fridge and is generously poured over the crunchy flakes of breakfast cereal, coating the entire breakfast with a creamy flavor of refreshing milk. These flavors bring together a sweet milky vape ejuice, perfectly preserved for your vaping delight! Nostalgic memories of Saturday morning cartoons and funny looking milk mustaches are now available anytime you like. Instead of noshing on your favorite childhood cereal and having to slurp up that sweet milk at the bottom of the bowl, you now have the ability to vape this delicious flavor known as Pebbled Ejuice by Cheap Ejuice!