Cheap EJuice Strawberry Shortshake 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Cheap EJuice Strawberry Shortshake 2 Pack features a rich moist vanilla cake fresh from the oven and stuffed with sweet cream and ripe strawberries, all whirled into a blender will leave your vape taste buds dazed and amused! Choose a bundle of two 60mL or two 120mL bottles for a flavorful cloud of dessert fun! Brand: Cheap E-Juice / Bottle Size: 120mL (2x60ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cheap EJuice Strawberry Shortshake 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description Alright, my dessert and creamy vape juice lovers! Indulge in a sweet and silky cloud of dessert: freshly baked strawberry shortcakes topped with fresh strawberries and thick whipped cream! Several thick wedges of strawberry shortcake are plopped into the blender, oozing sweet and creamy deliciousness in every slice. Each slice is doused in rich creamy milk, soaking the cake with cold and creamy deliciousness. Next, heaping scoops of freshly sliced slivers of sunkissed strawberries are layered in, waiting for you to start the blending magic! Press the “Blend” button, and in a matter of seconds, voila! A rich and creamy milkshake layered with moist and sweet shortcake, cold and frothy milk, and summer sweet strawberries becomes the perfect treat to refresh your vape taste buds in the heat of the summer and the cool of a fall breeze. Youll forget youre vaping an eliquid as your nostrils are engulfed in a cloud of sweet-smelling deliciousness, transporting you to a soda shop with rows and rows of freshly blended shakes! Treat your vape taste buds to a thick and sweet milkshake made with freshly baked strawberry shortcake, sweet whipped cream, and fresh strawberry slices, compliments of Strawberry Shortshake Ejuice by Cheap Ejuice!