Chubby Bubble Salt Bubble Tropic Ejuice


Bubble Tropic Ejuice by Chubby Bubble Salt features all of your favorite tropical fruits folded into a thick and chewy square of bubblegum! Juicy pineapple presents a jolt of tangy goodness, while sweet mango washes over your vape taste buds in a lavish wave. Finally, a wave of fresh oranges rains down with fat slices of fresh citrus goodness to present a tropical flavor of chewy gum sweetness that your vape taste buds wont soon forget! Brand: Chubby Bubble Salt / Bottle Size: 30ml / Flavor Type: Fruit, Nicotine Salt Chubby Bubble Salt Bubble Tropic Ejuice Description Get ready to take a tropical vacation through the clouds, as you wiggle your toes in the sand and bask in the deliciously warm island sun that the Caribbean is famous for! Feast on a delicious square of chewy bubble gum, flavored with juicy pineapples, fresh mangoes, and sweet citrus! These sweet pineapples were picked in the prime of prickly ripeness, with tart and tangy flavor bursting from every slice! Next, we have ripe and juicy mangoes, gleaming a delicious ruby red and soft yellow in the island sun. Sink your teeth into a fresh and juicy slice of freshly cut mango and feel the juice dribble down your chin in sticky rivers of sweetness! And lastly, warm and firm oranges are sliced into fat wedges that glisten with a sticky citrus sweetness that your vape taste buds will go wild for! Each of these sweet fruits are pressed until every last drop of juice is gleaned from their husks, offering a delicious tropical fruit juice that gets swirled into a liquid bubblegum! Once this sweet and chewy bubblegum cools, it is sliced into thick squares and stuffed inside this 30mL bottle, offering a delicious cloud of tropical fruits and chewy bubblegum in every cloud! WARNING: Nicotine Salts are compatible with any NON sub-ohm device but, we highly recommend using it with a refillable pod system. This flavor is a nicotine salt infused e-Liquid formulated for pod systems and other similar low power devices